"Fundraising for Community Good"

Park Portraits is a fundraiser, designed to help support local community groups, such as kindys and not for profits.


How does it work -  Booking your Park Portrait session 
The customer books their session, and pays $35. This fee covers a photo shoot at a local park,( or pre arranged local spot) locations are pre determined and shown when making your booking.
Also included in your fee is an  online gallery to view a selection of up to 20 different images taken and a 25x20cm printed portrait of their choice.
Families do have the choice to use the value of the portrait as a credit toward other prints or digital files if they prefer. 
$10 of the fee goes directly to the organisation they wish to support, as well as 10% of any additional purchases made. will set up at a local park for the day and people can make their session time online.

How do I book?
Simple, choose your day and time using the below link ! Pay the fee at the same time and we will be in touch.
How much are extra photos?
Our prices are really reasonable. Starting from $25 for a A5 up to $65 for an A4. Frames and canvases are available and all printed from a great NZ owned lab, Queensberry print.Freight costs apply and are around $8 packaging and post. Check Queensberry's range of product  here

Do you provide digital files ?
Of Course, individual files are priced at $95 with a special price for the whole collection, plus you can download straight from the site.

How do I view and order my print ?
Once the images are online for you to view, we send you out your secure login. You can then view, use the coupon code we will send you for either your pre paid 25x20cm portrait, or redeem this against a digital file or additional prints, canvases or framed portraits.

How long does all this take, from start to finish ?
Ok, so your session will be 15 minutes due to booking demand, and held on a Saturday or weekday evening. Choose your venue and session time when you book. 5-7 days later we will send you the login details and you can then view and order from the gallery. Delivery time for prints depends on your order, but would be around 7-10 days.
Note Digital files are available as downloads immediately when you order and pay for these.


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