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Thanks for stopping by. Your child's kindy photographs are being taken on THURSDAY 29th OCTOBER

  • Your $10 package includes one single portrait and a group photograph , size 18x13cm.
  • Each order completed generates an order form,  if you have more than one child at Kindy please complete additional orders.
  • Siblings can be photographed together, but the original $10 package needs to be ordered for your kindy child, first. So, two children would be two orders, plus another order for sibling portrait, Total would be $30.
  • Additional packages can be ordered digital files are also available .
  • Please complete the form below which when sent becomes your photo order form. 
  • Once you have made your online payment ( please do this next !) payment needs to be received for your photographs to be taken)
  • Payment cannot be done from this page, so please do this from your app or own online banking.

Payment to : Shaynes Photography Ltd 02 0644 0252641 00  

When making your payment please use your surname as reference, as shown on your order form

Payment and your order needs to be received by 5pm Wednesday 28th October, sorry, no late orders or orders on photo day can be accepted . Any questions ? Please send us an email 

We look forward to working with you all again at Tamatea Kindy. 

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Thanks your order has been sent, Remember to please make your payment online .


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