Thanks for your enquiry into our Christmas Mini session fundraiser for Out & About .

BTW last year we raised over $800 for their Christmas appeal !

Date : Saturday November 25th  Location : St Michaels Church Hall, 86 Vicarage Road, Puketapu, approx 10 minutes from Church Road, Taradale, just over the hill into the Puketapu Village.

Times for bookings :Morning from 9am ,afternoon from 12:30pm and early evening sessions from 5pm. Times are limited, and cannot be held.

Here is an outline of how our mini sessions work:
Each session is $20 for this you receive a mini session plus  25x20cm portrait of your choice. 

To Book:

Email or message us via facebook to confirm your  time for Saturday November 25th. Indicate the best time for your family and we will get as close as we can for you and confirm back.

then, make your payment direct to us, for $20 this full amount will be passed onto Out&About.

Payment to : Shaynes Photography Ltd

BNZ 02 0644 0252641 -00

How we work:
a, We allow 15 minutes per session. If the location and weather allows it is great to work outdoors, 
b, Immediately afterward the family can view their proofs ( average of 10 images to choose from) and make their selection. At this stage they can also indicate if they would like to order any further copies, absolutely no pressure and as the information has been given prior many families will already know what they would like.
c, These additional orders are paid to us directly or can be paid online. If additional orders are placed they will be posted directly to the family with their mini session portrait in approximately two weeks .
Our reprint prices are:
Additional 25x20cm Portrait @ $25 each
Additional mini 18x13cm Portrait @ $12 each
Digi high resolution file individual file@$30 each( emailed to you)
Special Digi Package, All Edited High Res files emailed to you ( $150)

Please allow $5 for postage and packaging. 


Option 1 : B2B $10 option

School Photos...imagine if every child could have a record of their time at your school , an affordable option for all families. With my back to basics package they can.
Having been a photographer in the Bay for 30 years I have proudly worked alongside many community organisations such as yours in this time. With many families in our communities facing difficulties ,school photographs is sometimes not an option. I've decided to see if my offer of a back to basic package was wanted and I found it was.
While it is a simple package it caters for many ....
Introducing Back 2 Basics School Photographs
$10 18x13cm class photo + 18x13cm single portrait

For $10 every family can receive both a class photo and a single individual portrait of their child at school. Additional orders can be placed and given accessible technology it is so easy to be able to add names and print independently as required.
Using our pre payment envelope system, parents can direct credit their payment or pay via the envelope system.
Schools have been happy and school communities relieved that there is a cost effective way for them to have records of their childrens' school years available to them now.

"Just because it's a cheaper product doesn't mean it's any less quality. Same quality as always, same friendly service for both your staff and students."

Option 2 $25 Package

We also offer this package as an alternative, for schools that prefer their photographs to be completed with names.
10x8 group photo $11, named,
Portrait package, Multiple prints from the same image, ( 1 large, 2 medium, 4 small) $17

Incentives for your School

We provide a set for school records
A copy of each class for the teacher
A free staff group photograph for each staff member
Free Leavers Photographs( Senior group) taken and provided for each in the group.

All for no charge

Plus, opportunity to book our Young Photographers Tuition for your Senior students.
This is available at limited times due to the time given to deliver this programme.

Young Photographers Tuition

Encouraging creativity in our young people, has long been an extension of my profession, as a professional photographer and within my own business and the wider community .
Over the last few years, we have provided opportunity for youth to exhibit and sell their work and provided mentoring and work experience.

We have also supported the Napier Schools DIGI awards, as a judge and sponsor, The Napier High School exhibitions with venue sponsorship and also provided tuition and workshops to encourage youth in their love of photography.
A 6 week programme, designed for schools students, was run within several local Primary schools, in 2014 and also as part of their curriculum, with Tutira School with great success for the students and the school. This programme has now been developed further, and is available for local schools to encourage students with a creative eye and passion for Photography to get involved.

Here is the guideline the programme follows, for 6 weeks.

The students will be able to participate as a group, to plan, and create a Photographic exhibition, around a topic that has meaning to them, as a team, to be presented to their School, at the end of the 6 week programme.

Week 1: 1 hour A brief on the programme is shared , asking for ideas and feedback, around a topic that has meaning for them, within their school, and their community. This first meeting would be a brainstorm session, to encourage and form ideas to take forward over the timeframe.

Week 2: 1.5hours Would be used to share ideas and ,ps around photography skills. Composition, exposure, and some easy to understand discussions around the foundations of photography. Looking at a collection of old cameras, comparing to todays digital cameras, and starting to create images toward the exhibition.
Week 3: 1.5 hour working together, to create further images within the brief.
Week 4: 1 hour : Editing, enhancing, and collating their images within Photoshop or similar
Week 5: 1.5 hour :Fine-tuning the images, creating the slideshow adding the soundtrack, preparing the multimedia and presentation to school community.
Week 6: Presentation to school and assembly
The images will be made available to the school for social media use, and a set of prints provided for an exhibition within the school.
Each Student will need to have either their own, or access to, a digital camera. Phones or iPads are fine, and can add to the creativity of ideas.

Cost : $65 per student, ( maximum group is 10) also covers materials, printing, etc for exhibition .
For more information, please contact: Shayne Jeffares 021 813 877 /

Cost : $65 per student, ( maximum group is 10) also covers materials, printing, etc for exhibition for more information, please contact: Shayne Jeffares 021 813 877 /


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